Verba volant scripta manent

I occasionally get questions (esp. on twitter) about why we don’t have a phone number on our contact page on Istanbul Sweet Home. Well, the answer basicly is the “title” 🙂

“Verba volant scripta manent”… so let’s see a conversation on this topic:

“Verba volant scripta manent”… In other words… “Spoken words blow with the wind – but what is written will remain”. The reason behind this is whatever we could talk on phone could be forgotton unless we don’t have a chance to check the approved and/or pending reservations at that very same moment. But when you contact us by email, it will be replied as soon as possible with more certainty.

So here is our contact page with all possible alternatives you can reach us. Please make sure you clarify:

  • the name and the specifications of the apartment you need (number of bedrooms etc…)
  • the duration of your stay (check-in and check-out dates)
  • the number of people that will stay in (including the number of adults and children)

One final note; there is also another contact page here on this blog with pretty much the same information except there is a contact form is you find it easier 😉


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