Best iPhone and iPad apps for your Istanbul trip

I often find myself looking out for some useful apps for my iphone when I travel abroad, most of which I have to delete later on just because they’re either not useful as I expected and/or well-updated or they need internet connection on the go which cost too high when abroad. So as a local, I’ll try to list the best iphone/ipad apps (and some of them might also be available for android, too. Please check) in my opinion some of which are even free. Just click on the thumbnails for full information on the appstore.

triposoIstanbul Travel Guide by Triposo

A useful app to follow local events, discover night life, book hotels etc. It’s a totally free app with no hidden costs. The app itself and the map also work offline. But just be careful about links, they might need some connection when you tap. Better check them when you have a wifi connection :). Both available for iphone and ipad. You might consider checking it out for android, though…

istanbul metroMetro İstanbul

No, in fact we don’t have a very complicated subway system in Istanbul. But you would still find it useful if you prefer public transportation rather than taking a taxi. This free app will give you information on the Metro, Tramway, Nostalgic Tramway, Funicular, Metrobus, Commuter
lines of İstanbul but actually I would expect more. Better than nothing though :). Please also read my other posting on the Istanbulkart which you’ll benefit a lot while you’re in Istanbul.

culinaryCulinary Backstreets: Istanbul – An Eater’s Guide to the City

Where to eat? -Well, if you’re one those travelers who prefer to rent a short-term apartment, like those who stay in our Istanbul Sweet Home, you might as well like to cook at home, too. But why not discover what Istanbul promises for you? This one is a paid app but it’s a good definitive guide to eating locally and authentically in Istanbul. Content provided by the award-winning, Istanbul’s top food blog.

lonely-planetIstanbul Travel Guide – Lonely Planet

The famous Lonely Planet’s guide app for Istanbul. It’s a paid app but the maps are offline and has a GPS tracking. An easy-to-use app with hundreds of recommended places to visit & things to do. There is also a recommended “search” functionality and ability to save your favourite points-of-interest for quick reference.

travel guide offlineIstanbul Travel Guide Offline

Honestly I haven’t tried this one. My attraction was in the description which read: “Designed to be used OFFLINE. All articles, events, maps and transport can be viewed without an internet connection”. I must remind it’s a paid app though…

istanbul offlineIstanbul Offline Map & Guide

A still paid but still offline map & guide for Istanbul, as the name suggests. It apparently focuses on the map function but I should also remind you that this app needs a 172 Mb free space on your iphone or ipad which is actually a natural payoff for an offline map app.

mtripIstanbul Guide (with Offline Maps) – mTrip

Here’s yet another offline map app for Istanbul and pretty much like the others listed above, yes, it’s a paid one. What I like about it though, it looks quite informative and user friendly. There is also an augmented reality function to view your environment and all the places to visit in real-time, with distance, ratings, prices and opening hours.

timeoutTimeOut Istanbul

The famous TimeOut app offers a good guide for where to eat, what’s happening in the city (event guide) and many other information such as places to go (bars, clubs etc). Easy-to-use and free BUT attention, it’s going to need some internet connection ;). Better make your plans with it while you have wifi connection somewhere.

These are more or less all I can suggest for your iphone / ipad. But wait, there is more! The ones listed below won’t be more like those “travel” apps but yet, I believe, you’ll still benefit a lot!

speak turkishSpeak Turkish Today — Turkey Travel Guides

One of the things I most come across when I first meet with our guests in Istanbul Sweet Home is their will to learn some of the basic Turkish phrases such as how to say “hello” and “thank you”. Well, with app you’ll find more than you expect. Words and phrases on the numbers, family, parts of a house, items in a house, food items and many more are there to name a few. No need to mention, it’s a paid app!

Flava™ – Note/Journal: How about keeping a diary of your travels, with photos, videos, text, maps etc. Simple yet free app for your iphone and a good tool to go back in time and remember what type of experience you had saved, maybe like years ago?

XE Currency: A free and user-friendly app for converting all the world’s currencies. It offers live proprietary currency rates, charts, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works when the Internet doesn’t.

Vine: There are countless video apps out there in the appstore but you might benefit Twitter’s Vine a lot since videos you’ll take are going to be 6 seconds. Data-roaming-friendly 🙂 Instagram might also be an alternative with its 15 sec videos in addition to photo sharing.

Hornet – Gay Social Network: An app for the gay guys out there to meet with local people. Hornet makes it fun and easy for gay, bi, and curious guys to meet each other.


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