Why no Codes but Names for our apartments?

Maybe, you might have noticed, our apartments for rent have names rather than some codes or numbers. This post will be about why and where those names come from.


When we first started this business and we first came to the point of building a website like 8 years ago, we first started exploring similar websites either in Istanbul and Turkey or worldwide. There were not that many number of business websites like that those times but what we noticed was people were tending to give some sort of codes or numbers for their apartments. It seemed to us like too “technologic” and not very “user-friendly”. In fact it looked quite repulsive to our eyes. That was how we came to the idea of giving names to our apartments some -what reflecting their nature and/or localization. So let me begin with:

Istanbul Eye: It was like couple of months ago when we visited London and we had a chance to see the London Eye on which you had the most beautiful sight of London almost like bird-eye. It was not so difficult to put the Istanbul-version of the same name since you have a great Istanbul and Bosphorus view at the terrace of this triplex apartment.

Angels & Demons: Just a referral to its previous long long term tennant named Angel and almost synchronized with Dan Brown’s famous novel “Angels & Demons”, this apartment had to be named so 🙂

Streetwise: This apartment was comparedly a recent renovation among the others. It’s actually a basement floor quite on the same level with the street it’s located in. The street is a cul de sac and quite lively with its neighbours and children.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The owner’s offer was a perfect choice reminding Queen’s famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Not particularly in relation with the apartment though you might witness the rhapsody of the chuch bells right across the street and the prayer call from the mosque in the next various times of the day.

The arms carved on the floor at the "Galata Arms"

The arms carved on the floor at the “Galata Arms”

Galata Arms: The name comes directly from the “arms” carved on the floor at the entrance of this apartment. Not a perfect photo but it might give you an idea about the “arms” on the left.

Galata View: Like “Istanbul Eye”, this apartment also gets its name from its unique view of both Bosphorus and Golden Horn. An authentic-designed apartment with a perfect view.

Lights of Istanbul: This small but elegantly designed apartment gets its name from its lighting systems installed in it. You can also see the top of the Galata Tower with its lights on in the evening from its balcony.


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