How to make a good Turkish coffee

I have noticed a considerable number of our visitors are asking how to make tea (the Turkish traditional way) or Turkish coffee. So I decided to write them as separate posts. I will begin with Turkish coffee, which is quite similar to the coffees of the region, like Greek coffee, Kurdish coffee and so on, maybe with slight differences in cooking and taste.

Cezve: Turkish Coffee Pot

Cezve: Turkish Coffee Pot

What you need:

The first thing you need is a Turkish coffee pot (“Cezve” in Turkish). You can find them in our apartments if you’re staying in one or you can buy one if you don’t. It looks something like in the photo on the left.

Secondly you need the Turkish coffee powder. You can find them in local stores / supermarkets. There are many brands in the market recently but you may want to prefer one of the oldest one, namely “Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi” (see photo below). The grains are slightly finer compared to espresso grains but the beans are medium-roasted (preferably Arabica beans).

Turkish Coffee package of "Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi"

Turkish Coffee package of “Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi”

You also need a dessert spoon, water, sugar cubes (if you like), a stove and definitely Turkish coffee cups. Your coffee cups will be your measure for the water. Put a cup-full of drinking water, one-for-each-person into the coffee pot. Secondly put one-spoon-full of coffee powder (1 for each cup) into the cup. Keep the spoon dry, you don’t want to wet the powder :). For sugar, it depends on your taste. You may even put no sugar, or put 2 sugar cubes for one cup. However you like it.

Cooking: Just put the coffee-pot on the stove (the smallest one) and turn the heat to the lowest (yes, the slower, the tastier). Occasionally mix it with the spoon. At this stage, be aware that if you boil too much, you will loose the foam and it will start to rise (so never leave it unattended). You also loose the foam if you mix too much. The best time to remove the pot from the stove is when you have the biggest amount of foam.

Serving: Pour the coffee to the cups equally. You may also split the foam equally with the help of the spoon if you’re more than one. Or you may want to keep it all for yourself :)… It’s best served with a glass of water (traditionally) though my preference is pure coffee itself.

Well, that’s it! Now it’s time for you to enjoy and as we say, “Afiyet olsun!” – (which literally means “be it health” – Bon Apetite!)



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