Why we encourage airport pick-up service

While most of our guests already benefit from our airport pick-up service, some prefer to come to the apartment by themselves. Well, that’s certainly a choice but I would love to list some of these down sides of public transportation. But let’s see the video first:

As you’ve seen in the video below, you have 2 options if you choose to come by yourself:

If you decide to take a taxi, chances are quite low for you to find the apartment easily even if you have a printed map of the apartment. This is mainly because the streets in Istanbul’s Galata region where our apartments are located are quite narrow and most of the taxi drivers don’t even know how to find their way. This will cost you extra time, distance and certainly cost which wouldn’t be a good start for your vacation. In fact, in most cases, most of our guests end up getting off the taxi in another place and walk all the way to the apartment. Please also note that the fee you pay for the airport pick-up service isn’t more expensive then the taxis especially if the driver gets lost.

If you decide get the Havataş shuttle, it would be a better choice. But you still have to walk to the apartment and find it yourself. In any case, please have your map printed out with you. We send you the link for that when you make your reservation.

This is basicly why we encourage our guests to benefit the airport pick-up service. But please also note, this service is mandatory in case of late arrivals (arrivals in the apartment at 19:00 (PM) and later).

Info on our apartments can be found here:


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