Just the right time to visit Istanbul

You’ve probably heard the latest news about the demonstrations in Turkey which had started as an occupy protest to protect the last trees in the center of Istanbul at the Gezi Park then spreading country-wide and turning into a shout out for democracy and equality. The brutality of the police might have been the main subject in the news on TV in your country (not in Turkey, though) and even may have led you to change your plans of visiting Istanbul.


At this very moment, I would like to tell you that especially now, you have even more reasons to visit Istanbul. Let’s see why:

Witness history

At the top of the list, I would say, it’s a historical time and maybe even not only for Turkey but for the world. There haven’t been protests and demonstrations this big and country-wide in the history of Turkey. Apart from that, the demonstrations have been peaceful from the beginning and the police violence only caused it to get bigger and wider. There are plenty of humor going on on the social media and graffitis on the walls and the musical creativity has also risen. Here’s below one of the music videos from Kardeş Türküler:

Rare experience

As I have said before, this is quite a historical time. Apart from the sad news, there is also big fun on the streets. Don’t get surprised if you see bunch of people on the streets (esp. Mis street) singing and dancing and certainly chanting slogans sometimes. Don’t hesitate to join! Ask them to translate the slogans for you. Be sure, people will be more than happy to have you with them since there’s a very strong solidarity that has developed between people with different political views, beliefs and races.

Having fun with boycotting

Well, I’m not telling you to join if there is a protest some day (although you definitely can, if you want) but you can still support if you believe in true democracy and equality. The best thing you can do is to avoid going to shopping malls. You can prefer local stores, cafes, groceries etc… but there is also a list to boycott certain places for various reasons. Here’s a shortened list for Istanbul:

  • Osmanbey Rumeli Marmaris
  • Taksim Bambi Cafe
  • Taksim Kızılkayalar Hamburger
  • Taksim Güllüoğlu
  • Taksim BurgerKing
  • Taksim Mado
  • Taksim Starbucks
  • Taksim Potato
  • Taksim Sütiş
  • Taksim Saray Muhallebicisi

You may find a more detailed list HERE

As you can see, it’s a very special time to visit Istanbul, not just for touristical reasons but also for witnessing the new forming of peace sprouting in the streets. It’s unique – don’t miss it 🙂


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