How to receive up to 15% discount

Did you know you could receive up to 15% discount at Istanbul Sweet Home? Well let’s see how you can benefit euros on your rental!

The first option is flexible travel dates. If your travel dates perfectly match our calendar for an apartment without leaving more than a day gap before or after a confirmed reservation, you will receive a 15% discount.

Please make sure there is already a confirmed reservation on the calendar before or after your stay.

The second option, namely, last minute offers, is a list of apartments that are still available for the following week. So how can you follow these options? There are our bunch of addresses but first you will need your laptop or smartphone. You can find last minute options on the homepage of our website ( and on our blog. You can also follow us on Twitter (@iSweetHome) all you can like our Facebook page.

Finally if your travel dates are between November 19 and March 14, which we refer to as “the low season”, you can receive a discount up to 15% but please also note that discounts don’t apply for the Christmas, New Year and the Easter.

Still finding all these options and stuff way too complicated? Don’t worry! We apply the discount even if you are not aware you are eligible for one.


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