Blogs on Istanbul

Whether you’re just visiting Istanbul for a couple of days or you’re staying for a long term, you will need some information about the city prior to your visit. I try to do my best here in this blog but I have also come across some other blogs which are quite well designed and full of information. So this blog post of mine will be about recommendations.

Here are the 3 best blogs on Istanbul and Turkey:

Istanbul Food: As the name suggests, this blog is basicly about food in Istanbul as well as other cities. A very well categorized blog in English.

Istanbul for 91 days: two travelers from Germany and USA have blogged for Istanbul for 91 days. There are lots of details and information about the city and photography is also worth mentioning.

Turkish Travel Blog: Last but not least, another blog on basicly Turkey this time. Especially recommended if you’re not just visiting Istanbul but travelling around Turkey. You might be happy to read about the country through and expat’s eye.

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