Galata neighbourhood in 2 minutes

Video audio, in printed form:

Hello, today I’m going to tell you a little about the Galata neighborhood. This is the famous Galata Tower which was built in 1348. It is located next to Galipdede  street where you find lots of music stores and souvenir shops. Right at the top of this street you can see the Galata Mevlevihanesi where you can go to visit the whirling dervishes. This way up leads you to the tunnel end of famous istiklal street, namely tunel meydan. From here you can either walk or take the old tram to taksim Square.

You can also take the funicular tram all the way down to karakoy where you can take the ferry to kadikoy which is located on the Asian side. Also from here you can take the tram to visit the old city namely sultanahmet.

Now let’s go back to our neighborhood. One of your basic needs might be a super market located very closely to the tower. Also located around the tower there are two restaurants where you can enjoy local food. Also you can enjoy some tea or coffee right at the other corner of this square.

Venta del toro is another nice place to enjoy some wine and some cheese and even some live music at the weekends. And if you are one fish lover, right at the entrance of serdari ekrem street you can find fureya balik to enjoy a good lunch. Mavra cafe is another cosy place located in this street, where locals meet.

5 of our apartments that we are renting out are located at the end of this street as well and they are only 3-4 minutes walk away.

Hopefully this presentation helps you with the surrounding and make you feel familiar with the neighbourhood when you are in istanbul.

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