More on Angels and Demons

Today, I’m going to focus a bit more on another rental apartment of ours, namely “Angels and Demons”. It’s a small, one bedroom apartment which is good for two people. A third person can also stay using the sofa bed in the living room. It has an open kitchen, hardwood floors and a lovely decoration. You’ll probably love the posters on the walls of the living room and the bedroom which are representations of the Ottoman time Istanbul.

The building is situated in the Galata-Beyoglu area, less than 5 minutes walk from Istiklal Street and 15-20 minutes walk to Taksim Square , which can be considered the heart of Istanbul , where the major culture & art centers are located, with many charming cafes, restaurants and stores…

For more info about the apartment, please check it on our website

For features and amenities check here

For more photos and videos, check here

In order to rent this apartment, please check the available dates and contact us


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