Galata View

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A large, bright, airy Istanbul apartment with original frescos on the walls and views of the Bosphorus, Marmara and Golden Horn.

The historical building is located on a quiet cul de sac in a traditional part of Galata near the 14th century tower, less than 5 minutes walk from the end of Istiklal Street and 20 minutes walk to Taksim Square , which can be considered the heart of Istanbul , where the major culture & art centers are located, with many charming cafes, restaurants and stores…

The hall at the entrance opens into our bedroom with a/c on the right, the kitchen, the shower & toilet on the left, and the main two rooms facing you when you enter the flat. One of these two main rooms, has a foldable double sofa bed and the diner table whereas the other has a library and traditional style raised divan. It is possible to see the Golden Horn from all the rooms on the right and the Bosphorus & Marmara views from the ones on the left.

Max. Allowed Occupancy: 3

Location: Galata, Beyoglu (Pera), Taksim, Istanbul

Nearest Places: Galata Tower , Galata Bridge , Galata Mevlevihanesi, Istiklal Street , Taksim Square